Giving Back

We believe the most effective social and charitable investments are made with love, care, empowerment, and support.

Empowering, uplifting, caring for and supporting women

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to our responsibility toward the communities in which we operate. Our company’s existence is not lonely. It is part of a bigger system made up of people, values, other organizations, and nature.

With that being said, Magmatic Communications, your online marketing consultant in Aruba, would not have existed without the unwavering support and strength of women. The mothers, sisters, teachers, mentors, and eternal givers of the world. Extraordinary women paving the way with love, strength, courage, and wisdom. It’s with this love and respect that we’ve made it our mission to place an emphasis on giving back to the world of women, just as they’ve given to us. Our donations and contributions aim to support all aspects of the empowerment, support, care and uplifting of women in our communities.

For sponsorship requests that align with our corporate social responsibility pledge, please send an email to 

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