Keyboard and Mouse

Visionaries, Designers, and Writers

Founded in 2015, we love thoughtful, clean,

and intentional solutions. Our clients know what they get

and they always want more. 




The world is your oyster!




Quickly translate website content, reports, and more.




Long-term assistance for growing businesses. 

Graphic Design

Can't see it? We can.

Design speaks volumes. Communicate

your brand clearly, confidently, and consistently.

Colors, shapes, and pixels are not a one size

fits all. We'll fix all that up just the way you

need it for a quick turnaround. 



Having a way with words is an art. Great design has the ability to speak volumes, but the right words add that sparkle of magic. Writing and translation services for ads, websites, press releases, radio scripts, essays, and more.


Save valuable time with hands-on long-term support and advice. Dive into projects you've long neglected. Individualized attention you can count on for however long you need it. 


Client Portfolio

What clients have to say...

“Love, love, love it! You have a special talent, respectfully listen to my wishes and translated it into a media message while keeping my own identity; this is exactly what I could not put into words. The website’s redesign, content, social media page - everything just flows together beautifully. ”

A.T., Personal Development Coach, Coach & Bounce

“I am so glad that I was referred to you. You really helped make sense of what my marketing focus should be to gain the most ROI. You guys are the best!”

O. H., Merchandising Operator, Sporting Goods Company

Excellent! Working with Magmatic Communications was a breeze. Very thoughtful and on top of things. The design was everything we could hope for and more. I definitely will be in contact. 

L. L., Product Manager, Wholesale & Retail Services

“We were very pleasantly surprised with the level of detail and follow through. How refreshing. We put in a seemingly difficult request on you and you showed up prepared. It was really great to feel like we could count on you.”

M. A., Unit Manager, Financial Services Provider


"Aruba is a place of boundless possibility. Seek and you shall find."


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  • social media services in aruba
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