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Hello again!

Why work with me? 

Let me see if I can break it down for you. Take a little scroll below and decide for yourself if I'm the virtual digital marketing assistant you need. If it clicks, then I can't wait to hear from you!

No, I'm sure! 

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  • I value my time immensely – and certainly yours.

  • I know what it feels like to be overexerted, overwhelmed, and desperately craving support

  • I think things through. Okay, I might be considered a bit of an overthinker… But is that such a bad thing?! …I think not (wink).

  • I get to transform entire brands. Seriously, I love a good makeover!

  • Working virtually allows me to spend time with my four-legged bestie, my Nova! A happy freelancer makes for happy results!

  • I belong behind the scenes – it’s where I shine.

  • I'm silent but stealthy. People tend to regret underestimating me.

  • My communication is exactly like my design aesthetic – minimal, concise, and clean.

  • Having a working relationship built on open communication and respect means a lot to me. 

Okay, okay.
You want big details, right?

Big Facts

  • Like how I’ve grossed over 6 digits in earnings since establishing my business in 2015.

  • Or how I’ve steadily had clients ever since launching. (Even throughout the 2020 pandemic)

  • Or how I continue to seal lucrative annual contracts – just by showing up and being me.

My clients

The best

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